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Hi my name is Wendy Greaves. I have been reading tarot and angel cards for many years. I decided to go professional about 10 years ago. I love using tarot for myself and to help guide others. For many people tarot is still a scary or taboo subject and really in the 21st century we should be using it as a guidance tool that it is. To help empower and enrich our lives. We all know things do not always go as we have planned and using the cards we can look at ways to improve our situation.

I do not look at destiny as such as I feel that we have free will (in most cases) to change things with our behaviour but of course things will happen beyond our control. The all we may be able to do is change how we act, think or feel about things.

Although I use the tarot as a modern day way of counselling I am always aware that to try to explain how it sometimes shows its magic to us is indescribable.
I am fascinated by tarot and the other disciplines that connect to it such as astrology, the tree of life amongst others. I am continually reading, learning and attending workshops myself.

I feel that this helps me to improve my readings and make them more in-depth but also to pass as much knowledge as possible to you as a client or student.

My courses are fun, informative and life changing. I do work face to face locally in small groups but I teach and do readings World wide via Skype and messenger. So there is something for everybody.

I do not like to rush readings and although I do prefer a question from you it is not necessary. It just means we can get to the root of the problem and I do not have to waste your time or money trying to work out your question rather than the end goal in helping you find a solution.

I would love to connect with you. Please like my Facebook page where I add daily cards and sometimes free mini lessons.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please click the contact box above if you would like to book a class or reading.

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Telephone Readings
£20.00 for 30 mins

Just Dial

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Tarot Lessons

Tarot lessons will be available from January 2016.
Would like to learn the tarot?

I am a qualified and experienced reader who teaches the Faulkner tarot black and white deck. The course is certified by Rhiannon Faulker the creator of the deck for availability please text me. The course last for 12 weeks and is £200 including cards and notes. Easy to understand course that takes you through the background of the deck. A brief history of tarot. And 12 weeks of 2 hour lessons that will take you on your own personal journey through the tarot. At the end you will feel confident to give readings and have a good understanding of the tarot. It is also fun and enlightening. I can teach you via Skype/messenger worldwide or over the telephone in the UK.




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